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Old Turtle A children's classic that celebrates the sacredness of life and the glory of God who shows through everywhere.
Aunt Mary's Rose A young boy is tutored by his aunt to see the mystical connections between himself and a rosebush that he cares for.
Old Turtle and the Broken Truth An awesome parable of hospitality toward those on a different spiritual path than our own.
A Quiet Place Kids, as well as adults, need a quiet place as an escape from noise pollution, and the technological toys of modern life.
Grandad's Prayers of the Earth A classic children's picture book about grandparents, prayer, and the wonders and enchantments of the natural world.
Old Turtle Douglas Wood on how people are a message of love from God to the earth.
Old Turtle and the Broken Truth Douglas Wood on the truths all around us and within us.
Grandad's Prayers of the Earth Douglas Wood's story about how all plants, animals, even stones pray.
The Secret of Saying Thanks Douglas Wood on how all creatures remind us of the mystery and beauty of all life.
Aunt Mary's Rose Douglas Wood on how you are in that rosebush and it is in you