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Drew Leder A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Drew Leder, a professor of Western and Eastern philosophy at Loyola College in Maryland who lectures, consults, and offers …
Twenty Strategies for Healing Recovering life's wholeness and holiness.
The Miracle of Breath An e-course guide to breathing practice for personal healing, social engagement, and spiritual deepening.
The Distressed Body Creative and philosophic essays on hospitals, factory farms, prisons, illness, and other bodily issues.
Light: The Eternal in Time Understanding the nature of light.
Unlocking with a Key Penetrating the barriers of life.
Snow as cleansing energy A winter source of renewal.
Daily Awards For Good Marking spiritual accomplishments.
Sparks of the Divine On using mirrors and reflections as spiritual tools.
Games for the Soul The whole world plays with Spirit in a thousand delightful ways.