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Suffering and the Infinite Treasure Suffering and the Infinite Treasure
Give Me A prayer for a heart and life of gratitude and service.
O Lord, Give Me Eyes A prayer for eyes, mind, and soul that are only for God.
Diving for Pearls A teaching story by Junayd titled "The Pearl."
Remembering the Flow of Mary's Unbroken Miracle Ways to demonstrate love and devotion for Mary.
The Road to Guadalupe Imaginatively explores multiple manifestations of the Divine Feminine during a pilgrimage to Mexico City.
The Card and Rumi Book Pack Eryk Hanut and Michelle Wetherbee on how, according to Rumi, answers to the most difficult questions do not come from this world.
The Card and Rumi Book Pack Divination cards with thoughts by the Sufi teacher to open the heart.
Perfume of the Desert Explores the Sufi path of love through poetry, stories, and philosophical fragments.
Mary's Vineyard Salutes the Sacred Feminine in all of her splendor, diversity, and movement toward justice in the world.