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Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat Biographical profile of contributors to Spirituality & Practice.
Advent Observing the Advent season with practices that honor the art of waiting.
Hanukkah Ways to celebrate Hanukkah and the sacred importance of light.
Where Wonder Lives A map of the spiritual journey illustrated by plentiful spiritual practices.
Unsolaced A memoir about places and people coping with change while maintaining a love of life.
The Divine Heart A devotional resource filled with ways to deepen an intimate relationship with God.
Belfast A soulful, richly human, coming-of-age film brimming with meaning.
Finch An unusual road movie full of life lessons for an engineer, a dog, and a robot.
Son of Monarchs Richly thematic and symbolic story of the parallel migrations of a Mexican scientist and the butterflies from his home region.
The Last Duel A tough and rigorous morality drama about the waning of the chivalric code in the Middle Ages.