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Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat Biographical profile of contributors to Spirituality & Practice.
Hustle A rousing basketball film about the importance of passion.
Explorer Documentary portrait of the man considered to be the world’s greatest living explorer.
The Phantom of the Open True story of a golfer who crashes the British Open and teaches us all about the way of failure.
The Legend of Molly Johnson An intense Western set in Australia dealing with the toxic trinity of violence, chauvinism, and injustice.
Costa Brava, Lebanon Prophetic film about how a family handles the encroachment of toxic waste upon their home.
Happening An urgent tale of a search for an illegal abortion and a little compassion in an alienating environment.
Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Delightful comedy about the many meanings of the clothes we choose to wear and what these choices say about our lives and values.
Navalny A tribute to a heroic Russian freedom fighter.
Elvis A dazzling portrait of Elvis’s life and career that reveals the roots of his appeal.