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Frederick Buechner A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Frederick Buechner, a writer of Christian devotional literature, novelist, memoirist, and ordained Presbyterian minister.
Frederick Buechner in Now and Then Listen to your life
Buechner 101 A collection of notable works by the prolific Christian writer and novelist curated by Anne Lamott.
Now and Then Another installment of the author's memoir that puts storytelling together with imagination.
Now and Then Frederick Buechner on hearing grace.
Secrets in the Dark Frederick Buechner on the importance of practicing kindness in human life.
Beyond Words Frederick Buechner's exploration of the many different textures of grace.
Secrets in the Dark Top-drawer sermons by a gifted and imaginative preacher.
The Son of Laughter An imaginative retelling of the Biblical stories of Jacob and Joseph.
Beyond Words A wonderful collection of this Christian writer's attempts to catch the muffled presence of the Holy in everyday life.