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Unsolaced Spiritual lessons from the ice-adapted people of Greenland.
Unsolaced A memoir about places and people coping with change while maintaining a love of life.
A Match to the Heart A nature writer's reflections on her close encounter with death.
A Match to the Heart A close encounter with death brings the opportunity to grow strong by becoming weak.
Facing the Wave Survivors of the Tsunami in Japan talking about death, loss, grief, and glimmers of hope on the horizon.
Facing the Wave Gretel Ehrlich on seeing the lonely beauty in the wreckage caused by the tsumani in Japan.
The Future of Ice Gretel Ehrlich pays tribute to winter and glaciers and envisions what will be lost in a deseasoned world.
Questions of Heaven Conveys some insights into pilgrimage and spiritual transformation.
Islands, The Universe, Home Uses the four seasons to meditate on the cycles of death, loneliness and companionship, fear and hope.
Islands, The Universe, Home Gretal Ehrilich on the meaning of wildness.