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The Truth A subtle exploration of art, artificiality, and complicated interpersonal dynamics.
Shoplifters A Japanese film that touches the heart with its sensitive and soulful advocacy of kind-heartedness.
After the Storm A touching story about a mad and sad blocked writer in the midst of a midlife breakdown.
Our Little Sister A masterwork by Japan's foremost director of miniature films suffused with beauty, everyday spirituality, and subtle grace.
Like Father, Like Son An appealing Japanese film about the slow and surprising transformation of a self-absorbed father and distant father.
I Wish A charming and inventive Japanese movie about wishes, questing, and the wonderful support of grandparents when we need them the most.
Still Walking A bittersweet drama about a Japanese family get-together that explores sibling rivalry, the need to be loved, and the mysteries of death.
Nobody Knows The harrowing story of four children in Tokyo who are abandoned by their mother and forced to fend for themselves over a six-month period.
After Life An exquisite film about the afterlife that lingers in the mind and in the senses for many days.
Maborosi This is a powerful and profound Japanese film about one woman's long and arduous jounry through grief's labyrinth.