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Peace of God A prayer meditation by Howard Thurman before his sermon Concerning Peace: Prayer and Pressure.
The Way of the Mystics A call to make meditation a means rather than an end.
The Way of the Mystics Messages of hope and challenge from mystics familiar and unfamiliar.
Moral Struggle and the Prophets The cultural, psychological, and spiritual problems faced by Dr. Albert Schweitzer.
Moral Struggle and the Prophets Messages for living a moral life of prophetic urgency from one of the great Black theologians of the last century.
Howard Thurman in For the Inward Journey Look well to the growing edge
O God, I Need Thee An expression of neediness for God and hope in the future.
Howard Thurman Honoring the civil rights leader and mystic who grounded all of his work in the idea that life is alive with creative intelligence.
For the Inward Journey Poignant, creative, and remarkable meditations by the theologian and mystic.
Sermons on the Parables A collection of the African-American theologian's sermons on the many teachings conveyed through Jesus' parables.