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When several logs are burning together When several logs are burning together
Love Alone A mystical breath practice from James Finley.
James Finley in The Contemplative Heart I have heard it said that whining
The Healing Path Finding our way along the healing path.
The Healing Path A treasure trove for those seeking healing.
Merton's Palace of Nowhere Thomas Merton's views on success and meaning.
Christian Meditation Christian Meditation: Entering the Mind of Christ by James Finley explores the riches of the contemplative path.
Merton's Palace of Nowhere A well-done overview of this Trappist monk's understanding of the false self and the true calling of each one of us to be a loyal son or daughter of God.
Thomas Merton's Path to the Palace of Nowhere A six-cassette audio retreat that uses the spiritual teachings of this Trappist monk as a launchpad for living the contemplative life today.
The Contemplative Heart An edifying philosophical handbook.