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Dear God, My Son Prays (1992) An excerpt from a father's response to his son's prayer for a healthy paranoia because of the social ills he sees and feels as a young black person.
Good Friday Declarations of Awareness (1972) A supplication for trust in God for all that is needed to stand against evil.
Universality of Thy Love A prayer from Bishop Lawson in 1925 for freedom from racial prejudice.
One Common Band A pastoral prayer from Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1956.
What We Are A request for God's support in becoming all we are meant to be.
Please Send Our Boys Back Home (1945) An entreaty for peace and the return of loved ones from war.
Cleave Us a Way, O Lord (1920) A moving expression of faith in God in a call for liberty and justice for all.
Give Us Grace (1909-1910) An entreaty for the commitment to right action even at the cost of one's life.
A Prayer for Africa's Children (1808) An Episcopal priest's offering of praise and gratitude in the face of inhumanity.
Out of the Deep: A Prayer (1908) A wrenching expression of faith and hope in God while in deep pain and darkness.