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Coffee with the Buddha Joan Duncan Oliver's imaginary dialogue with the Buddha on being present.
Happiness Joan Duncan Oliver on the benefits of finding and keeping happiness in our lives.
The Meaning of Nice A cogent and enlightening tour through the complex world of being nice.
The Meaning of Nice Joan Duncan Oliver on manners being a kind of diplomacy.
Commit to Sit James Baraz's appreciation meditation that awakens joy (in a book edited by Joan Duncan Oliver).
Commit to Sit A fine collection of essays from Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.
Coffee with the Buddha An engaging and thought-provoking fictional dialogue with the Buddha.
Good Karma A rounded and edifying survey of karma and its role in our lives and our world.
Happiness A broad range of material presented to help us understand the elusive bluebird of happiness.
Good Karma Joan Duncan Oliver on the meaning of a karmic encounter.
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