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Molly In a world desperate for any kind of kinship, the ties between brothers and sisters remain an invaluable and often unexplored treasure.
Lawn Dogs Vividly depicts the animosity of class warfare and the sad plight of those who dare to take a stand against conformity.
The Journey of August King A heart-affecting drama about the spiritual potency of freedom and the redemptive power of love.
Sirens A congenial film about art and sex.
Wide Sargasso Sea A poignant study of the war between the sexes.
Flirting Puts on display director John Duigan's knack for conveying the universal anguish of adolescence.
The Year My Voice Broke A wonderful, perceptive, and original Australian film about the magic and anguish of adolescence.
Romero A riveting drama about the radicalization of a moderate Catholic priest as he is exposed to the violence and suffering in El Salvador.
The Winter of Our Dreams An odd Australian film about the disease in two very different people's lives.