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A Prayer of Unknowing A prayer to embrace the unfathomable depths of God.
There Is A God, There Is No God John Kirvan on going where only love can go.
It Is Easy A plea for practicing the presence of God in every face and place.
A Wigilia Blessing A prayer from a Polish Christmas Eve tradition.
There Is A God, There Is No God A poetic passage on the spiritual practice of yearning.
Silent Hope Looks to the wisdom of ten Christian, Jewish, and Muslim seers to provide us with insights into the inscrutability and unfathomability of God.
Silent Hope A soul-stirring passage on wonder.
There Is A God, There Is No God A small but sturdy mystical vessel that reclaims a spiritual classic and makes it our own.
Raw Faith Explores the mysteries of God from many perspectives.
God Hunger The musings of ten mystics from different traditions.