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John Shelby Spong A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of John Shelby Spong, retired bishop, lecturer, and Progressive Christian writer on social issues.
No one holds a corner on the market of salvation No one holds a corner on the market of salvation
God is real. God is real.
Jesus for the Non-Religious Proclaims Jesus as the breaker of tribal boundaries, of prejudices and stereotypes, and of religious enclaves.
Here I Stand John Shelby Spong on his experience of the dying of the church.
Here I Stand A hard-hitting and large-souled memoir.
The Fourth Gospel The controversial Bishop's interpretations of the Gospel of John which was used to silence heretics during the Inquisition.
Why Christianity Must Change or Die A challenge to those who thirst for a church that is not fearful of inquiry, freedom, and knowledge.
A New Christianity for a New World John Shelby Spong on a humanity without boundaries, hospitable to divinity.