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The Star in My Heart Joyce Rupp on darkness as a source of growth.
Praying Our Goodbyes Joyce Rupp's prayer ritual for uniting with all the lonely ones of the world.
Little Pieces of Light A personal ritual for those dark times when you feel separate from God.
Prayer Seeds A to-be-treasured resource of prayers that serve as seeds of new life.
My Soul Feels Lean Joyce Rupp's poem on soaring someday.
Prayer Joyce Rupp on being open in heart and mind while in prayer.
The Cosmic Dance A tribute to Gaia by Joyce Rupp
Prayers of Boundless Compassion A prayer by Joyce Rupp to be the embodiment of compassion.
Fly While You Still Have Wings A poetic description by Joyce Rupp of her mother's funeral.
My Soul Feels Lean A heartfelt and transformative collection of poems about loss and renewal.