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As good as praying As good as praying
Thomas Berry: Prophet and Mystic of the Earth An exploration of the contemplative depth and call to practice in Thomas Berry's works.
Merton had recovered the Tao Merton had recovered the Tao
Thomas Merton's Abiding Legacy A review of Merton's key wisdom teachings on the contemplative life and their continuing relevance to contemporary life.
A Book of Hours Thomas Merton on forgetting ourselves and joining in the joy of the cosmic dance (in a book compiled by Kathleen Deignan).
"All Shall Be Well " - Lyrics This song based on the famous statement by Julian of Norwich reveals the healing power of compassion.
The Gift A collection of ballads based on the psalms, poetry, and sacred writings which give us intimations of gratitude toward God for all good gifts.
A Book of Hours A collection of prayers and meditations by Thomas Merton.
When the Trees Say Nothing Expresses Thomas Merton's feelings of connection with the weather (in a book edited by Kathleen Deignan)
When the Trees Say Nothing 300 selections that draw out our wonder and gratitude for the marvels and bounties of the creation.