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Dekalog Modern stories, inspired by the Ten Commandments, that explore some of the deepest and most difficult complications of the human condition.
Dekalog: One A treatment of the First Commandment similar in spirit and intention to the parables of Jesus.
Dekalog: Two An ethically charged treatment of the danger of taking the Lord's name in vain.
Dekalog: Three A drama about the challenge and responsibility of making the Sabbath holy.
Dekalog: Four A powerful drama about the boundaries that must be respected in the family circle.
Dekalog: Five A sober drama that reveals all life must be respected and that no one deserves to be killed.
Dekalog: Six A radical critique of those who refuse to respect the mysterious, wondrous, and life-enhancing enchantments of sexuality.
Dekalog: Seven An exploration of stealing expanded into the various ways we take from others their freedom, dignity, love, or understanding.
Dekalog: Eight A drama exploring the impact our words and deeds have upon others.
Dekalog: Nine A drama about marriage as an optimum laboratory for the training of the heart.