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Gratitude for What We May Take for Granted A supplication for grace both when we are conscious of God's gifts and when we are not.
Prepare Our Hearts to Be at Peace An entreaty for inner and outer peace.
Let Peace Flow A supplication to be an overflowing vessel of peace for the world.
Prayer for Justice in the Marketplace A petition for economic justice for all.
Meditation on Peace A sincere desire to recognize our common humanity and to give everyone the honor that is due them.
After the Words and the Music and the Gathering An entreaty to maintain a commitment to work for justice and peace.
God of Many Names A petition for practicing God's presence in our faith communities.
To Hear One Another A prayer to come together with our neighbors to do good in the world.
In this world there have always been many opinions In this world there have always been many opinions
We Are Woven Together A call to embrace our differences and worship together.