GOD OF MANY NAMES: Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, The One, the Tao, Spirit of Life, God our Father and God our Mother, come to us all and be a vital presence in the work of all the community of faith. Be present in them as they work to strengthen in their members the sense of your presence in their lives. Be with us as each of our communities of faith, in its own way, tries to discern the direction of your will that we may aspire to some Ultimate Creative Good, here and in the world, in which you and we move, and have our being.

Be present in our churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques as together we work to strengthen the eternal values of all of us – the values of life and kindness and justice. Move in us as we care for and about this city, that it may more perfectly be a place for all to live and work in safety and neighborliness.

God of many names, work through us as justice, that we may feed the hungry and clothe the naked, for even here is the presence of injustice and the need for redress.

Come to our entire community of many faiths as a voice of conscience and caring, a voice urging us to prevent the kind of evil that has destroyed lives and shattered families elsewhere.

God of many names, come to us as value and respect for our different faith, for the diversity of faith that is natural, and for the numerous ways by which we invoke your presence in our congregations and in our personal lives.

Be present in our communities of faith as a vision of oneness of all the human family – that all of us are in your image – that all of us are moved by the force of your presence within us – that all of us need the same things in order to live full lives that honor you.

Help each of our faith communities to fulfill its mission; to do its work more perfectly; to make the world and our city a better place for its presence.

God of many names, come to us, be with us, move us in the ways of lovingkindness, peace, and justice. Amen.

Norm Naylor in For Praying Out Loud: Interfaith Prayers for Public Occasions by L. Annie Foerster