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Darling Companion A Lawrence-Kasdan directed dramody about how a lost dog helps a long-married couple find their way back to each other.
Mumford An endearing portrait of a wounded healer who uses his own experiences of pain and compulsiveness to help others.
Wyatt Earp A parabolic sagebrush saga about this legendary figure in the Wild West.
Grand Canyon The search for meaning is vividly conveyed in this excellent film that speaks directly to the heart and soul.
The Accidental Tourist A romantic comedy that offers an engaging look at the many meanings of love and change in the lives of a travel guidebook writer and a dog trainer.
Silverado A good enough Western to cause many to kick up their spurs in celebration.
The Big Chill A thoroughly entertaining, fluid, and wonderfully relaxed movie that delivers some of the finest ensemble acting to be seen on the screen for years.
Body Heat Mixes sex with murder and comes up with a steamy brew of surprises.