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My God and I Lewis B. Smedes on the importance of honoring the spiritual practice of hope, even when times are difficult.
My God and I A captivating series of snapshots from the life and ministry of this unconventional teacher, preacher, and writer in the Christian Reformed tradition.
Forgive & Forget A watershed work on a subject that looms large in our private and public lives.
A Pretty Good Person Brings the subject of ethics down to earth.
Choices A subtle, sound, and salutary approach to morality.
Caring and Commitment A tribute to the ties that bind us to others.
Shame and Grace Reveals some startling truths about these primal forces.
Caring and Commitment Lewis B. Smedes on hope as the linchpin of our commitments.
Shame and Grace Lewis Smedes on the dynamics of grace and shame, and the power of God's acceptance.
Choices Lewis B. Smedes on the process of making good decisions, on being a good person, and using imagination in everyday life.