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We are walking in the light of God We are walking in the light of God
Mending the World Rev. Bruce G. Epperly and Rabbi Lewis D. Solomon on how the Bible is a record of God's imagination.
Finding Angels in Boulders Bruce G. Epperly and Lewis D. Solomon on experiencing God's blessings through a special gratitude walk.
Walking in the Light On ways to find healing and wholeness with God as the source.
Gratitude Walk Experiencing life's gifts to you.
Affirming the Body A prayer to proclaim your Divine wholeness.
Finding Angels in Boulders Presents a progressive Christian and Jewish overview of this important subject.
Walking in the Light Offers a multifaith perspective on the way of health.
Mending the World An interfaith project filled with helpful spiritual practices and a bold vision of God's transformative activity in tense times.