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The Tibetan term for compassion means The Tibetan term for compassion means
A Compassion Miniaturist Advice on practicing kindness and compassion.
The path is the goal The path is the goal
The Other Team Suggestions for practicing the bodhisattva way by rooting for the other team and wishing them well.
The Compassionate Life A highly readable overview of the practice that is the best hope for humanity's survival.
The Compassionate Life Beauty as about giving.
The Healing Path Marc Ian Barasch on how energies are not destroyed, only transformed, even in death.
Healing Dreams Reveals the soulful qualities of these meaningful journeys through the imaginal realm.
Remarkable Recovery Hundreds of amazing accounts of individuals who have survived terminal illnesses.
The Healing Path A watershed work on illness and personal transformation that brings together an amazing array of material, inspiring stories and spiritual insights.