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Praying for others Praying for others
A hurled bedpan A hurled bedpan
All at once a silence falls All at once a silence falls
Marcy Heidish in Who Cares? Holding someone in the Light
The Chance to Give A story about the best gift being to give someone the chance to give.
Soul and the City Communing with God in the noise, pollution, and crowds of the city.
A Candle at Midnight Marcy Heidish on the spiritual practice of vigil-keeping, helpful to anyone seeking awareness of God in dark times.
Soul and the City Marcy Heidish on gateways to the presence of God in the city.
Who Cares? Contains savvy insights and wisdom about service, listening, kindness and compassion as aspects of an engaged spirituality.
A Candle at Midnight Uses personal stories, Biblical accounts, and actual rituals to explain the spiritual practice of vigil-keeping.