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Mark Epstein in Going on Being One who can tolerate his own terror
Open to Desire Mark Epstein on our yearning and desire for completeness and for God.
Open to Desire A compelling case for the essential component of desire in human existence.
Going on Being Mark Epstein on the middle way of being present.
Going to Pieces without Falling Apart Mark Epstein with a method for achieving unity.
Thoughts without a Thinker Mark Epstein with a teaching story on the mystery of death and impermanence.
Going on Being An exploration of the confluence of Buddhism and psychology while affirming meditation as a tool for personal transformation.
Going to Pieces without Falling Apart Resources from the most psychological of the world's religions as a gateway to a more fulfilling life.
Thoughts without a Thinker Applications of the principles of an ancient religion to modern day problems.
Sister Aimee A rousing biography of this faith-healing fundamentalist.