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WomanPrayers Plains Native American tribe on accepting the day as it is.
Stations of the Light Outlines spiritual practices of the Way of Light from Easter through Pentecost.
The Way of Mary Mary Ford-Grabowsky's exercise to feel gratitude for people who helped you and people you helped.
The Way of Mary 14 devotions on The Way of Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Stations of the Light Mary Ford-Grabowsky on how praying the stations of the Way of Light leads to joy.
WomanPrayers A prayer of gratitude for the sacred berry from the Seneca Oral Tradition.
WomanPrayers Relishes the variety and poignancy of grace, beauty, and truth in people, places, and ordinary experiences.
Lalleshwari in WomanPrayers Until the Truthful One found me
Hildegard of Bingen in WomanPrayers There is no creation