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God our Mother, Living Water A prayer for all the blessings that God provides us through water.
Lord of My Greatest Fear An entreaty to experience the fullness of God's love and mercy.
Bishop Barbara Clementine Harris in WomanPrayers A request for God's help in discernment and taking action.
Faithfulness Saint Teresa of Avila's expression of deep gratitude for countless blessings.
The Great Work A sincere wish for our individual work to be part of God's work.
Stations of the Light Mary Ford-Grabowsky on how praying the stations of the Way of Light leads to joy.
The Way of Mary Mary Ford-Grabowsky's exercise to feel gratitude for people who helped you and people you helped.
The Way of Mary 14 devotions on The Way of Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Spiritual Writings on Mary A sturdy anthology of writings, poems, and meditations on Mary, the Mother of Jesus.
Stations of the Light Outlines spiritual practices of the Way of Light from Easter through Pentecost.