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Beginning Again Mary C. Earle with suggestions for a devotional rule of life for those with chronic or progressive illnesses.
Intercessory Prayers and Your Medicines Say prayers for all those who may be taking the same medicines as you.
The Desert Mothers A Q&A with the author of a book on these early Christians.
What Have You Lost? Praying your losses.
Mary C. Earle A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Mary C. Earle, poet, retreat leader, spiritual director and retired Episcopal priest.
Mary C. Earle in The Desert Mothers Their lives were marked by a desire to listen deeply.
Julian of Norwich Julian of Norwich on how we are joined in love with God forever.
Bless to Me, O God A reflection on living with illness.
Julian of Norwich Insights into the mystical path of this fourteenth century visionary.
Meditation for the Body Focusing awareness on your body parts.