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Megan McKenna A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Megan McKenna, a Catholic writer and international workshop and retreat leader.
Teach Us A prayer to follow Jesus' example in caring for others and for future generations.
Carlo Carretto in Lent When you have the courage to marry
The Face of God A teaching story a young boy told Megan McKenna after one of her workshops.
Megan McKenna in And Morning Came Widows and orphans are to be revered
Christ All Merciful Learn to kneel and you will see God face-to-face
Harm Not the Earth Megan McKenna on building community locally and globally.
This Will Be Remembered of Her Megan McKenna on the poverty of many of the world's poor and hungry women.
Disarming Your Tongue/Heart/Soul A practice of making lists of words and phrases that we could give up (hate, enemy, kill) and creating a new set (compassion, beloved earth, reverence, blessing) that builds up instead of destroys.
Becoming Heart's Ease Instructions for a spiritual practice of absorbing others' pain and heartaches and holding them reverently with tender regard.