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Michael Lerner A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Michael Lerner, a psychotherapist who is the editor of Tikkun magazine and a rabbi of Beyt Tikkun Synagogue in San Francisc…
Repentance and Forgiveness Spiritual Practices for the High Holy Days.
Creating a Communal Atonement in Your Community Why Americans need a communal day of atonement to reflect and express remorse.
The Left Hand of God Michael Lerner on the joys and benefits of social responsibility.
The Left Hand of God A bold and inspiring progressive spiritual vision to animate the hopes and dreams of those who desire a country where peace, freedom, and justice prevail.
Healing Israel/Palestine Raises a wise voice on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
The Politics of Meaning Animated by a spiritual sensibility that honors the dignity of all people, the power of compassion, and the mission of repairing the world.
Jewish Renewal Sabbath as a weekly renewal and a celebration of the possibility of freedom from oppression.
Spirit Matters A grand vision of emancipatory spirituality.
Jewish Renewal Spells out a path of action based on a politics of meaning.