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Charlie Wilson's War A snappy political satire about a Texas Congressman and his efforts to win the Cold War by defeating the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980s.
Closer A scorching examination of the shadow side of love and the use of language as a weapon of mass destruction in intimate relationships.
Wit A mesmerizing adaptation of Margaret Edson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play about dying and death that will soften the heart of anyone who sees it.
Primary Colors In this brilliant and incisive drama, the filmmakers reveal the shadow sides of American politics.
Wolf Will speak to both your inner animal and your civilized soul.
Regarding Henry Story of the spiritual transformation of an aggressive, successful, and amoral New York lawyer into a person who values love, play, intimacy, tenderness, and compassion.
Postcards from the Edge Proves that it's never too late for mothers and daughters to accept each other's imperfections and renegotiate their relationship.
Working Girl Kevin Wade's lively and funny screenplay gives Melanie Griffith the best role of her career.
Biloxi Blues Charts a Jewish boy's rite of passage into adulthood during 1943 as an Army Recruit.
Heartburn Depicts a marriage on the rocks.