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Nora Gallagher in Practicing Resurrection The life of faith was amorphous
Nora Gallagher in Practicing Resurrection If it turned out to be a hoax, what then
Changing Light A fictional love story and thriller set in the summer of 1945 against the creation of the atom bomb at Los Alamos, New Mexico.
Practicing Resurrection Nora Gallagher on the meaning of the resurrection.
Practicing Resurrection Another installment in her spiritual memoir about church and finding healing and hope in the midst of turmoil.
The Moonlight Sonata at the Mayo Clinic A well-written memoir about a mysterious eye disease that sends the author through a long and painful journey through the land of illness.
Things Seen and Unseen A stirring spiritual memoir that is a testament to the author's supple and imaginative Christian faith.
Things Seen and Unseen Nora Gallagher on imagining.