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Phil Cousineau in The Olympic Odyssey The miraculous force that animates all
Phil Cousineau in The Olympic Odyssey My ideal for the well-lived life
Phil Cousineau in The Olympic Odyssey The inner fire is the most important thing
Phil Cousineau A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Phil Cousineau, a Cultural historian and adventure tour leader.
Antidote to Revenge Eye-witness account of the impulse for revenge after 9/11 and a practice of monitoring one's own urges for revenge.
An Interview with Phil Cousineau An interview with the author about The Olympic Odyssey, his book about the mythology, history, soul, and spirit of the Games.
Word Catcher Phil Cousineau on the word beauty which contains intimations of the body, art, spirituality, and harmony.
Stoking the Creative Fires A soulful examination of all the depths and riches of the process of creativity.
The Olympic Odyssey The Olympic Odyssey: Rekindling the True Spirit of the Great Games by Phil Cousineau offers a spiritually edifying overview of this epic pageant and its meaning in our lives and times.
The Art of Pilgrimage Phil Cousineau with exercises to do at various points along a pilgrimage.