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Burnt Books Rodger Kamenetz on secluding yourself in nature and prayer.
Burnt Books An earnest and erudite study of two Jewish pioneers who had a lot in common: Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav and Franz Kafka.
The History of Last Night's Dream An erudite exploration of dreams as the nightly journeys of the soul.
The History of Last Night's Dream Rodger Kamenetz on the powerful and imaginatory experience of meditation.
Stalking Elijah Recounts a six-year quest to learn more about meditation, mysticism, and the Jewish renewal movement.
The Jew in the Lotus An account of a historic rendezvous in 1990 between the Dalai Lama and eight Jewish spokespersons.
The Jew in the Lotus A collection of essays addressing some of the major obsessions and problems of our era.