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Global Spirit - Inside Sacred texts An exploration of the origins, translations, and interpretations of sacred texts.
Global Spirit A series of one-hour programs that explores belief systems from around the world that animate our actions; hosted by Phil Cousineau.
Global Spirit - Sacred Travel: The Pilgrimage Experience Phil Cousineau in conversation with Pico Iyer and Zoila Mendoza about the meaning and experience of a religious pilgrimage.
Global Spirit - The Call of Wisdom Phil Cousineau in conversation with Jean Shinoda Bolen and Roger Walsh on the many forms of wisdom in our times.
Global Spirit - Stories to Remember An exploration with host Phil Cousineau of the lives of two people who have made storytelling their central focus.
Global Spirit - The Search for God A philosopher and a Sufi teacher ponder God’s ineffable nature and other mysteries.
Global Spirit - The Art of Living and Dying Two sensitive and seasoned caregivers discuss the human dimension of dying and the preciousness of this transition.
Global Spirit - Rumi and the Sufi Path of Love An exploration of the Sufi mystic's spiritual legacy.
Global Spirit - The Interspiritual Dialogue with Father Thomas Keating An opportunity to see how interspiritual dialogue works as practitioners from a variety of religious traditions gather.
Global Spirit - The Elder Brothers' Warning A wake-up call for the Western world from the Kogi, a tribe in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern Columbia.