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Strike A cinematic tribute to a genuine working-class hero whose courage and zeal for justice fueled the Solidarity Movement in Poland.
Voyager A mesmerizing interpretation of a Max Frisch novel about a globe-trotting engineer.
The Handmaid's Tale A film adaptation of Margaret Atwood's bestselling 1986 novel that heralds freedom as a cherished ideal.
Death of a Salesman Draws out the multiple meanings of this Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Arthur Miller about change, family, fatherhood, work, and love.
Swann in Love Offers an anatomy of lovesickness as a blend of adoration, fear, pain, jealousy, and anguish.
The Tin Drum A lusty, volatile, surreal, and chilling view of the rise and fall of the Third Reich.
The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum Makes a very strong case against yellow journalism.