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Metabolizing the Reckoning A practice for conflict resolution in our bodies that helps us prepare for both peril and possibility.
Not Your Fault, But Still Your Problem An exercise for acceptance of the shared responsibility to keep white-body supremacy from spreading.
The Physiological Sigh Healthy benefits of sighing.
A Resource Toy Box An exploration of readily available resources that can help settle our bodies.
Finger Balance An activity to help you settle your body.
20's An exercise to release the energy of trauma from the body so you can be grounded, present, and connected with other people.
Sacred Herbs Spirit Water A practice for creating a special form of water that is spiritually charged, giving it strong cleansing, healing, and protective properties.
Mongol Healing Ceremony A method for removing children's spiritual ailments.
Embodied Movement Meditation How to host your own embodied movement meditation experience.
Settling and Integrating A series of physical postures to help you calm down, be in your body, and in the present moment.