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Scattering Ashes Returning to a mix of Hindu and Appalachian heritage.
Compassionate Presence A reflection, prayer, and scripture for divine compassion.
Healing Meditation A meditation for being kind to our own physical and emotional pain.
The Present of Presence Suggestions for giving the present of presence.
Taking a Day Off A daylong contemplation of seeing the world without ourselves in it.
Transforming Fear of Death Larry Rosenberg with David Guy looking at Buddhist practices that help us pay more attention to death.
Using the "D" Word Joseph Sharp on the importance of paying attention to how we speak about and envision death.
Comforting a Grieving Person Two practices for supporting those who grieve.
Saying No How to recharge when you don't want to do something.
Writing a Legacy Letter Ron Pevny on writing a legacy letter as a gift to your descendants.