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The Prayer of Examen An adaptation of the Daily Examen, a prayerful reflection described by Saint Ignatius of Loyola.
Cancelled! A prayer for patience when your flight is cancelled.
Joy An affirmation and meditational prayer on the spiritual practice of joy.
In the Cockpit A prayer for the crew in the cockpit.
Prayer of the Streetlight A prayer using our imagination to empathize with a streetlight.
Prayer — A Litany of Generosity A litany of God's generosity.
Separate Bedrooms A personal ritual for those dark times when you feel separate from God.
A Prayer for Renewal A prayer for renewal after divorce and being a sign of love and hope for others.
Oscar Romero's Prayer A prayer on serving others even when we may never see the results of our efforts.
PRAY A prayer on seeing when success is measured in terms of justice, mercy and love.