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Loving-Kindness: The Meditation A meditation to awaken and extend loving-kindness.
Compassion for Someone Dear to You A process for cultivating and offering compassion to someone you care about.
The Heart of Compassion A meditation to awaken our hearts and encompass pain with compassion.
The Present of Presence Suggestions for giving the present of presence.
What We Love Wayne Muller on discovering what we pay attention to and, therefore, what we love.
Who Am I? A teaching story and practices about forgiveness and non-judgment.
Comforting a Grieving Person Two practices for supporting those who grieve.
Confronting Our Guests: Moving from Certainty to Curiosity Advice on how to be receptive and curious in our conversations.
Your Contemplation Style Donald Altman on learning how to practice your own contemplation style.
Connections Practice A practice suggestion from the Brussat's Alphabet of Progressive Christian Spirituality.