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Advent Observing the Advent season with practices that honor the art of waiting.
I Will Not Dishonor My Soul A vow to honor one's soul by honoring all life.
A Feast for Hungry Souls Evelyn Underhill's list of the marks of Christian maturity.
Don Jose Matsuwa in Profiles in Wisdom Never take a leaf or move a pebble without asking permission
Paul Pearsall in Making Miracles Miracles result from our recognition
Most important for dialogue Most important for dialogue
Our Sister, Mother Earth An excerpt from St. Francis's song, Canticle of the Sun.
In Harmony A request for the peace of living in accordance with divine principles.
The Seven Directions An Iroquois oral tradition recorded by Jose Hobday.
Compassion A touching exploration of the life of St. Francis and how to follow his example for a more loving life.