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Advent Observing the Advent season with practices that honor the art of waiting.
Compassion A touching exploration of the life of St. Francis and how to follow his example for a more loving life.
Guidelines for Christian Life, Growth, and Transformation (Feb. 26 - April 11) A Lenten practice of Lectio Divina.
Zen Seeds Advice from a Zen master on the importance of having a good teacher.
Exploring Gilead Themes and practices for Marilynne Summers Robinson's novel that credibly models the better nature we all have the ability to access.
Benedictine Spirituality Using the Rule of Benedict as a guide to a more purposeful way of being in our time of global transformation.
The Tao of Ordinariness A reflection on how humility can be reframed.
The Tao of Ordinariness An exploration of the many values and virtues in ordinariness.
The Two Popes An enlightening drama about the humanity and differing visions for the church of Pope Benedict and Pope Francis.
Great Love in Little Ways Reflections on kindness as a work in progress.