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Subversive Devotions Meditations on the various forms love can take that are both challenging and somewhat dangerous in an often hostile world of patriarchy and homophobia.
A New Reformation Ideas and ideals of Creation Spirituality to call Catholic and Protestant churches to a New Reformation.
This Day in June A children's book that salutes the enthusiasm and pride of members of the GLBT community as they march together in a parade.
Coming Out Spiritually A summation of the policies, attitudes, and teachings of the world's religions about homosexuality.
Wounded Prophet A thought-provoking and richly nuanced profile of this remarkable man.
A New Spiritual Home A helpful and hopeful survey of Progressive Christianity.
A Serious Way of Wondering Tackles vexing issues and taboo topics.
The Faces of Buddhism in America Academic and sobering survey of Buddhism's variety.
Freedom, Glorious Freedom Shows how gay liberation fits into the Spirit-directed evolution of human history.
Both Feet Firmly Planted in Midair A prophet for our pluralistic times.