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Voices of the Land A celebration of human connections with the land through reverence, respect, and responsible stewardship.
Our Mothers (Nuestras Madres) A moving story about a compassionate young man investigating the impact of genocide in his country.
I Pray For A More Loving Human Family The Dalai Lama's prayer for a more loving human family.
God of All Earth A prayer for our planet from the New Zealand Prayer Book.
The Light of Abraham and Sarah A prayer to be kind and hospitable.
A Prayer for When I Feel Rejected A prayer for LGBT people and any others who feel excluded, rejected, marginalized, shamed, or persecuted, in any way or in any place, religious or otherwise.
Free at Last! Free at Last! A prayer envisioning a global beloved community.
Always Ready A Sioux prayer to be ready to return to our Maker at any time.
Prayer for Village Earth A petition to realize our connections and oneness.
The Seven Directions An Iroquois oral tradition recorded by Jose Hobday.