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Seven Sins for a Life Worth Living An imaginative and challenging advocacy of pleasure in everyday life.
The Knowing Heart Kabir Helminski on the spiritual practice of kindness, adab
Heart, Self, and Soul Rich material on Sufism as a practical mysticism for the modern world.
The Inner Journey An anthology of essays, interviews, and spiritual observations on Islam.
The Wisdom of Sufism Guidance on everyday life and metaphysics.
The Wisdom of Islam A rich and full-hearted overview of this religious path with a masterful mix of juicy quotations, insightful commentary, and devotional exercises.
Progressive Muslims Articles from fifteen Muslim scholars and activists on the nature of a progressive Islam.
Moral Teachings of Islam A treasure-trove of Hadish sayings about etiquette and good conduct in every area of daily life.
Living Presence Kabir Helminski on reverence for all things and beings.
The Taste of Hidden Things Insights into Sufism, especially some of the major emphases of the Naqshbandi order; namely psychology, dreams, ethics and etiquette.