Robert Frager, editor of Essential Sufism, is one of the founders of the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology where he currently teaches. As a dervish in the Halvati-Jerrahi Order, he wants to spread the word about Sufism as the practical mysticism for the modern world. This path of the heart, according to the author, is "a spiritual discipline for all peoples and cultures." It also contains thousands of years of practice and guidance for those who are seeking union with God.

In this rich interpretation of Sufism, Frager unspools its complex and depth-charged psychology of growth, balance, and harmony. There are chapters on opening your heart, transforming your self, your seven souls, harmonizing your seven souls, and the practices of Sufism (fasting, retreat, adab, prayer, remembrance of God, and recollection of death), all of which he puts under the umbrella of psychospiritual therapy. Frager includes many marvelous Sufi stories and references to the teachings of Sheikh Muzaffer, his first Sufi master. Looking at this mystical core of Islam through a psychological lens is a helpful strategy that will enable more people to understand its treasure trove of wisdom.