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Diane Eshin Rizzetto in Waking Up to What You Do Where is the Great Truth
The Work of This Moment Toni Packard on being present in this moment and seeing things as they are now.
Sue Bender in Stretching Lessons Don't limit your vision
The Tao of Success A Tao story on how repairing the ancient can be a thing of beauty.
Bradford Keeney in Shaking Medicine Helps loosen any over-attachment
Women in Praise of the Sacred A poem by Ly Ngoc Keiu on wonder.
Sakya Pandita in Ordinary Wisdom Bad people, like strainers
Thomas Merton in Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On Compassion is proportionate to detachment
Kendra Crossen Burroughs in Selections from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna The highest state of spiritual consciousness
Let Go Ways to come to a new appreciation of smells.