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Rick Hanson A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Rick Hanson, psychologist who writes about the value of contemplative practice.
Our Religious Brains Ralph Mecklenburger on why the brain plays a large role in our spiritual lives.
Master-Mind New ways of thinking modeled for us by Sherlock Holmes.
The Dolphin in the Mirror A fascinating book that elicits a deep respect for these mammals of the sea.
Brainstorm Eric Maisel saluting the mystery, adventure, and creativity of following a brainstorm.
Moral Tribes Josehua Green's case for understanding ourselves as a caring species.
Richard Rohr in Adam's Return The momentum toward greatness
Robert Lewis Stevenson in Exuberance No man lives in the external truth
NOVA scienceNOW: How Does the Brain Work? Reports on the study of magic, artificial intelligence, and magnetic mind control.
Parenting in the Age of Attention Snatchers An explanation based on brain-wave studies of how strong stimuli can snatch away a child's attention.