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The Corporate Shaman Shows how ancient wisdom and tools for transformation can be used in the business world to bring healing and a new revival of team spirit.
The Ballad of Cable Hogue A funky and appealing Western parable directed by Sam Peckinpah.
A Prayer for Those Whose Jobs Are Disappearing Fountain of Mercy, the human touch is increasingly being replaced by machines. Deliver us from the worship of speed and efficiency and help us to see that the self-checkout trend is ending jobs and …
A League of Ordinary Gentlemen A spunky documentary about the frantic efforts to resurrect the moribund sport of bowling.
A Prayer for the Fish of the World in Peril Giver of All, we are saddened by the news that the world's fish are in danger from overfishing by large commercial fleets. We know that when fish die off, all of marine life is threatened. Fact:…
The Busy Soul Challenges us to practice spirituality in all that we do, say, or think.
The Art of Original Thinking Challenges business leaders to transform the world with originality and holistic and mystical thinking.
Working with Emotional Intelligence Shows how emotional competencies come in very handy at work.
Wisdom at Work A call to integrate work and spirit.
The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide Nine-hour audio workshop on creating an embodied career that springs naturally from your deepest gifts, aspirations and yearnings.