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Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be A reframing of what getting into college should mean.
Reflections from Asian and Asian-American Seminarians A few months ago I had the privilege and opportunity of meeting with several Asian and Asian-American seminary students in the San Francisco Bay Area. I wanted to create a space where they could ref…
Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be A plea to parents and their children to drop out of the college admissions competition.
Intelligent Lives A solid case for tearing down the walls created by intelligence testing supported by the uplifting stories of those whose have escaped this segregation.
Burning Sands A disturbing film about the hazing of a college fraternity pledge.
Practices for College Student Life I first met Victor Akioyame when we worked together in the student affairs office at a small liberal arts university in California. We became close friends due to our shared interests and passion fo…
Change the Story, Change the Future The progressive thinker on how we can reframe education.
Happening An urgent tale of a search for an illegal abortion and a little compassion in an alienating environment.
Hesburgh Fascinating documentary about a religious leader who was a master of human relations.
All This Panic A timely documentary about the coming-of-age of seven adolescent girls in Brooklyn.