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Dov Peretz Elkins in A Shabbat Reader Those who live one day out of seven in the Universe of Cosmic Joy
Jonathan Sacks in The Dignity of Difference We need covenants as well as contracts
L. Shannon Jung in Food For Life Hospitality is a covenant relationship
Richard Rohr in Job and the Mystery of Suffering The ever-faithful love of God
Harvey Cox in When Jesus Came to Harvard Jesus faced power with truth
Amazing Chesed Good news about the grace of God and its major role in Judaism.
Walter J. Burghardt in Justice Covenant with God, is not something static
Vanessa Southern in We Pledge Our Hearts Honesty, forgiveness and devotion
John Wesley in A Cup of Coffee at the Soul Cafe I am no longer my own
Robert Levine in There Is No Messiah and You're It Every one of us is created in the divine image