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The Art of Mulan A primer on the movie that promotes cross-cultural learning.
Every Part of This Earth Is Sacred A fine resource blending quotations about and photographs of the cherished Earth.
Looking Deeply Into Tea A pictorial reminder of the energy and beauty invested in bringing you a simple cup of tea.
Christ For All People A beautifully produced volume that reproduces 100 art works from 60 countries.
What I Eat A visually stunning and informative overview of what 80 people around the world eat in a single day.
Inspired Design A visually sumptuous tribute to the beauty of Japanese traditional arts.
Beading – The Creative Spirit An enthusiastic validation of beading as a spiritual art.
The Circle of Life Reflections on rites of passage in 73 countries -- from birth to death and all that lies between.
Silence, Song and Shadows A good case for honoring the heart of places.
Spirituality & Art: A Multiversity 20 ways to look at art as an expression of spiritual qualities and pursuits.